New Tunes, Old-Style!

"Vintage Boombox played our office party last year and when I saw them and I thought they’d be great as part of our day. They’re such great musicians (Sandy is a phenomenal singer) and there was great banter with our guests! Can’t recommend them enough."

Ciara & John December 2019


"We had Sandy and Mark do our ceremony and then the whole band played before Dinner at our wedding. So fun and easy to deal with. We loved their version of Walk Like an Egyptian. If you want something different and lively for any part of your day you can’t go wrong here."

Gillian and Jason November 2019




We take songs from the '80s to Now, strip them down to Double Bass, Piano, Drums and Powerhouse Vocals and add a dash of Latin, Jazz, Blues & Soul!!

Featuring members of The Late Late Show House band & the Commitments touring band: 


Perfect for your Drinks Reception,  something different for your wedding or event! 


We can fill a corner of a room with mellow tunes or the main stage with 2 hours of high energy...

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